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Window Treatments

Points to Consider

Why is a Window Treatment so important?
It determines the atmosphere of the room, making it forma
l or informal.

Should curtains be chosen before wallpaper?
Yes, if you plan their pattern to be stronger. Use it to determine the rest of the decoration.

Why custom made curtains?
They look beautiful, hang perfectly and last for decades.

How best to treat windows.
Decorate windows in a style that complements their shape as well as the room’s overall decorative scheme.

Do curtains need to look formal?
To introduce a more relaxed atmosphere, hang softly draped curtains looped to one side, or for a more dramatic statement, Triple Pinch Pleat headed curtains in a sharp geometric design.
Do windows need curtains?
A stark, simple room works better without curtains.  Alternatively, shutters or blinds work in most interiors regardless of their period.


• Consider room style, window size, amount of light and desired look.
• Make sure the window treatment respects the age and proportions of the building.
• Think about length (the most visually effective curtains are floor – to – ceiling).
• Don’t be tempted to overuse a fabric – elaborate swags and tails on a tiny window won’t work
• Is the window treatment meant to be purely functional? Purely decorative?
• Use a steel tape measure for accuracy.
• Remember – Measure twice.
• Always measure each window separately - although they look identical they probably are not.

Emphasising Proportions

What makes a small window more significant?
Hang full length curtains over a Roller or Roman Blind. Top with a Pelmet or Valance.

To reduce wide windows
Place the track under the cornice and fill in below with a deep pelmet. Or hang curtains that meet in the middle and tie back each side.

What emphasises a tall window?
Fix a length of voile to an attractive pole and let it tumble down asymmetrically.

To make a small room seem larger
Use the identical colour for curtains as for walls.

What will improve tall or narrow windows?
Use a track wider than the window so the curtains hang either side of the returns, clear of the frame. This allows maximum light.

If two windows are too close together
Use one track but three curtains – one on the left – one on the right – one in the centre.

What makes a room look higher?
Choose vertically - striped curtains or blinds – if they reach the floor the effect will be greater. 
Awkward Windows

Is there a curtain for sloping windows?
Use two curtain poles one at the top to hang the curtains from and one under the cill/window to slide the curtains behind.

What curtains go with dormer windows?
Fasten hinged curtain rods (Dormer Rods) to the top of the returns so that the curtains can swing open like shutters.

What if curtains restrict a radiator?
Avoid the heat loss with " Dress” curtains each side and cover the window with a Roman Blind.

Keep curtains well clear of french windows
Fit the track high above the frame and run it beyond the window on either side. The curtains can then be pulled right back.

To detract from the awkward shape of an attic room
Make up curtains in the same colour as the walls and ceilings.

Fabric and Patterns

Why use a small pattern?
It is easier to match up and means less wastage, unlike the larger repeats of big patterns.

When is it better to use a big pattern?
On large windows – if the pattern is too small it will lose itself in the folds of the curtain.
Don’t overuse a pattern in one room
The more it is used the less impact it will have.

6 Ways to Cheer up a Room
• Yellow blinds give a room a warm, sunny glow.
• Enhance old shutters – strip and wax them for a natural look, or paint stencil or stain them.
• Add scatter cushions in complimentary colours.
• Fresh or silk flowers.
• Throws in various textures.
• Scented candles and Tea Lights.


Get inexpensive fabrics made up professionally
Experts can turn inexpensive calico or ticking into luxurious curtains.

Why bother to line curtains?
To ensure they hang properly and that they are protected from dust and sunlight.

Linings need not be plain
Floral chintz curtains, for example, look stunning with a small patterned lining – even stripes or checks work well.

If a bed looks too big
Balance it out with an elaborate window treatment.

Make curtains fuller with interlining
It is a soft fabric layer stitched between curtain and lining which insulates against noise, light, heat and cold.

Use the Same Lining for windows in a row otherwise the facade will look untidy from outside.

To make the curtains look extra voluptuous
Allow the bottoms to puddle generously onto the floor by at least 10cm.

What gives curtains an inexpensive facelift
Stitch on a border in a contrasting fabric, edge them with fringing or braid.

Pelmets and Tie-Backs

Why use a Pelmet?
To cover the track and hooks and create a balance between curtains and window size.

To see how a pelmet will look
Make brown paper templates in different styles and pin each one up to see which shape works best.

What is the perfect height for a tie–back?
Find out with a piece of string – tie it loosely at different heights up and down the curtains to pinpoint where the tie-back will look best.